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If there was a problem
Yo, I'll solve it...

...Basically, everything design, creative, branding, murals and illustration.


About the owner, design, creator and maker of things!

" The ultimate technique is having no technique, no limitation as limitation. "
Bruce Lee

Some have called me a artist, some a signwriter, others jack of all traders, maker, creative, designer, illustrator, painter, father, man, workaholic, bmx rider, weekend renovator. True, I am all of these.

My first business started was a Signcraft Business not to sure where or if my complete skillset would fit in or how it could be wrapped into one unit. I was prompted by clients whom found out about my artistic past and other creative endeavors and began to be thrown interesting projects with a common theme "we cant find anyone who can make this happen" & "my designer kinda sucks".

So you could call this a creative, graphic, design, artistic, branding, mural painting, illustration business + Bonuses.

I've worked my way through shearing sheds, gas stations, bike shops, construction laboring, electronic repairs, print production, visual merchandise, graphic design, offset printing and found a place in the sign industry 10 years ago doing my trade, on the brush I might add.
Always maintaining a strong interest in Art, Design, Music, creative things and having a healthy appetite for taking on challenges to learn new techniques.
Like a skill seeking missile.

On the daily, working and operating Solid Signs + El Studio

On the daily, working and operating Solid Signs + El Studio

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