What is a Brand? Glad you asked…

…Its an Idea, Not a thing. Its an attempt to shifts one’s perceptions, that you can influence but not control. A visually coherent identifiable design approach running through all facets of your business appearance.

Branding can do a few things. Done well you become that brand that can subconsciously suck eyeballs in and create a long term unspoken appeal and reputation for whatever it is you do. Or the opposite and have people calling to haggle price as you honestly, look like that kinda thing.
Good branding to me, its the difference between saying “we are experts” and actually being Experts. A good brand can nearly get away with saying nothing.
We cannot all be branding the same. We don't all move, work or share the same skills to be branded the same.

El Studio is available to work with marketing agencies aswell.

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