I’ve been drawing things since, well along time!
Weather its hand drawn sketches or going full digital, same skills applying to a new tool. I used all the gadgets at my disposal to make great illustrations

Digital illustration can be used branding, personal projects, logos, vehicle signage, boat wraps, and in advertising material etc etc.

Past projects

  • Coffee truck illustrated grunge art

  • Illustrated for apparel.

  • Christmas Card Artworks

  • Poster design

  • Series of characters created for school safety and awareness signage

  • Custom illustration within many logos

  • Recreation of client sketches to be digital and print ready.

  • Craft beer label creation

  • Branding design and marketing material.

  • Vehicle wrap design.

  • Event promotional design.

  • + Many personal projects for laughs.

dubbo illustration
dubbo design
octopus illustration
dubbo logo design
BGD - Snake artwork black-01.jpg
panther illustration dubbo
dubbo illustration
dubbo design