ELSTUDIO / Locky Naef / Me, were commissioned to do an artistic design piece for the upcoming ROAR FESTIVAL, 9th of April. Which will be printed on 150m of mesh fencing. HUGE.

We then had the pleasure of giving away 2 VIP tickets. Congrats to Jordan Sutton.

Working along 5 other Artists, EL STUDIO's piece was then also chosen to be used at a second location in collaboration with BOOMDUBBO. < hit the link.
View it down town Dubbo. You can't miss it.

BoomDubbo has posted a nice little artist page, with a brief insight into the mind of the artist, well... myself.


We completed a series of Digitally illustrated Fun character designs for a local school to go with their new signage encouraging the kids to keep their school tidy.



And for those who have made it this far into the post,
follow ELSTUDIO ON FACEBOOK as we have 2 large commissioned ART pieces we will reveal shortly. Super Stoked on these.