What's NEW ! ! ! What's goin on with the Website?

A few weeks back we decided to do a overhaul of the website. Great news right?

What we thought was a few days up our sleeve to get it done turned into a consistent flow of new projects, leaving us offline with nothing to show off.

Being dam proud of what we do and create, with the excitement of future projects in the works we have made the site live for your browsing. Feel free to browse and view the projects we have completed. Minus some details here and there of course.
Feel free to drop a email if you have a project in mind - Designs@elstudio.com.au


Whats New?

Finding it hard to pinpoint a single thing we do
and having specialty skills in many areas, You will see we have added services such as:
Digital Illustration
Art Commissions
Video production and editing
Enhanced blog (industry tips + cool stuff)

With more to add yet!
All of which can be skills used within marketing campaigns and event promotion. An best is we don't rely on freelancers, Saving time and maintaining Quality control.
When we say Ideas & Execution, this is it.
All in house ! ! !

Whats Missing?

We decided to remove our service of Webdesign, being the Development of Websites specifically. We feel the current trends in Webdesign are all becoming the same same. This limits our creative freedom. However we do still maintain Webpages for various clients, with regular updates, tweaks and online marketing awesomeness.

The Lowdown

We have taken a look at our strengths and Enhanced them.
With added services we provide now, your looking at possibly the best Design, Marketing, Branding, Creative Agency this side of the mountains.

And there is more to come!

Follow us! Share us! Work with us!