Skate park illustration *Dubbo Bowl jam*

Super stoked to be supporting the Dubbo Bowl Jam.
Being a BMX rider and enthusiast (whom unfortunately isn't favored with much time to ride) I'm an advocate for getting kids into BMX and skateboarding. If you have a child who doesn't enjoy team sports or spends to much time indoors, GET THEM A BIKE please.

There is no pressure to win and no soccer mums.



We created this digital illustration of the Dubbo Skatepark to put into all the design of the promo images, banners and posters.

Owning a signwriter printing business has its benefits. Our brother business SOLID SIGNS looked after all the printing.

Thanks to Colony, Division & Froth Skateboards for supporting the Event



To the local shops
Thanks for NOT taking the opportunity to support all riders in your community

bmx jam poster