The Simplest tips for unique branding.

Over the years I've come to follow a set of rules for both myself and my clients. A really really simple tip to start you off on a track to be DIFFERENT, or the cliche terms "stand out from the crowd", "above the noise" and the rest of that stuff designers/marketing self pro-claimed "guru's" say.

Sharing is caring! So your starting a business or re-branding. Do this!

  • List your direct competing businesses Names.

  • Write down their colours used. On signs, cars, buildings etc.

  • Look at their branding and style.

  • Note Imagery style if used.

  • Get some dope inspiration (not google), try mags, books even, places not on "the internet” Them algorithms will just show you the same things.

  • Then...

Don't do what they are doing!


You now have a listed of everything your not going to do. You Can't dive into having a circle logo, black building, when so does the neighbor, and uhh! everyone.
Been guilty of the circle logo myself, for good reason at the time.
Its time to move on, back to the blog!


Don't, replicate, don't imitate, don't ask others to copy it for you. You can be Inspired by styles and ideas. But, riding on the coattails of those around you does NOT give your brand credibility or the best start it need visually.
Find out whats missing in others style of design and colours. Then invest in your brainstorming and ideas to find what isn't done yet and what could be missing. After that, you can get to work on design with your own set of rules, and what will make an impact.


My advice for anybody choosing to re-brand or a start-up business design. Don't choose your designer on what essentially is just glossy "talk" and "promises" of what they can do. Let there past and present work be the criteria to judge their worth. If they cant show there work which reflects the "talk", well you know what I’m sayin’.


Well, at least that should make up for my lack of ability to elegantly grace you with words that reflect my design abilities.

"be water my friend" - Bruce Lee